Euromoney corporate development strategy

Euromoney has an outstanding record of shareholder value-creation through acquisitions.

Acquisitions have made – and will continue to make – an important contribution to the company’s development: more than half of Euromoney’s growth over the past 10 years has been achieved by acquiring businesses and growing them post-transaction.

Investment approach

Euromoney is now on a strategic journey to recycle capital towards ever-higher-quality businesses. Euromoney is now mostly what we call a 2.0 information business, focused on customer-centric, digital, subscription businesses and networking events. These types of business will continue to be important but we are also looking to invest in 3.0 businesses.

A B2B 3.0 business will operate at the centre of its customers’ industry, offering products deeply embedded in its customers’ workflow and helping customers to become more efficient and to find solutions to opportunities and threats they face. 

Euromoney’s acquisition approach is to deploy its strong balance sheet and superior cash generation to invest in innovative and market-leading businesses in price reporting, data and analytics, digital information, research and workflow platforms as well as resilient event businesses with strong growth potential.

Investment opportunities are likely to come in information-hungry, semi-opaque markets which are being disrupted or have challenged business models.

When making acquisitions, we favour businesses with the following characteristics:

  • Strong fit with Euromoney’s strategy
  • Clear synergies with our existing business
  • Global or cross-border customer bases, or with the potential to internationalise
  • Market-leading brands
  • Proprietary, highly valued, paid-for data or unique intellectual property
  • High operating leverage and potential to achieve net margins in excess of 30%

What Euromoney can offer

Euromoney is a great home for owners and entrepreneurs who have established their businesses but need to take them to the next stage and perhaps to benefit from a larger platform.

Our approach to acquisitions allows entrepreneurs to:

  • be rewarded by realising the value they have already created in building their business
  • continue managing and developing their business, if they choose, as part of Euromoney
  • benefit from accelerated growth and synergies from being part of the Euromoney platform, and
  • create additional value for themselves through earn-outs or equivalent schemes 

We can offer market access and customer insight, established platforms, strategic and commercial synergies, access to capital provided by shareholders with a long-term outlook, flexible investment structures and a management incentivisation philosophy that rewards growth and long-term value creation.

Further information

To find out more about our businesses please contact Christopher Fordham, Managing Director, Corporate Development:

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