Over the years Euromoney has funded key projects for each of the charities we support, bringing much needed support and relief to communities around the world.

Haven House Children's Hospice

Haven House Children’s Hospice is an independent charity, serving 10 London boroughs, West Essex and parts of East Hertfordshire. Each year we support over 300 families with children (aged from birth to 19 years old) who have life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.

Since 2003, we have played a critical role in the lives of over 500 families through respite, day care and end-of-life care. Our specialist nurses cater for every child’s individual clinical needs and we also provide a range of stimulating and developmental activities such as music, yoga and sensory therapies.

In 2014 we opened our new Holistic Care Centre (HCC) to increase our therapy work including physiotherapy to help keep our children mobile and active for longer. Through the HCC we have started a new service – Care Closer to Home – to reduce the number of visits our families have to make to hospital consultants, by providing a base for them to meet at the hospice.

With our new space we will also help our mums and dads become ‘expert’ parents in the care of their children, by running training and workshops designed to give them the confidence to manage their child’s condition and not feel isolated by the effects of looking after a seriously-ill child 24 hours 7 days a week. This new facility will also enable us to offer private, confidential space for families to discuss any worries they have with our nurses and a dedicated palliative care social worker.

Watch our film, Time to Make a Difference to see how we support the complex needs of families and why the support of Euromoney’s staff and clients will make a huge difference to the services we can provide when and where families really need us. 

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Afghan Connection

Afghan Connection (AC) has over 10 years’ experience successfully funding education and sports projects in Afghanistan, one of the toughest working environments in the world. Set up in 2002 by Dr. Sarah Fane, AC has funded 41 school construction projects for over 50,000 children, many of whom have illiterate parents. AC’s education programme has also evolved considerably over the past decade and the experience of working in Afghanistan has led the charity to find solutions to the problems that stop children from both accessing and completing an education. Efforts to tackle these issues are reflected in AC’s current initiative, the Worsaj Education Project, which supports children in the rural district of Worsaj, Takhar Province, N E Afghanistan. Here AC funds constructions for schools that have little or no facilities, provides community based education for children who cannot reach the Government schools and funds teacher-training to raise standards of teaching in schools. AC also supports training and infrastructure for the District Education Authorities so that over the coming years this education programme will become sustainable. AC will begin to replicate this programme in the nearby district of Rustaq in 2015.

In addition, AC has been involved in cricket in Afghanistan since 2008. The MCC became AC’s partners in a programme designed to take cricket to all corners of Afghanistan. With their involvement, AC has reached 22 provinces across the country, built 50 cricket pitches in schools, run cricket coaching camps for 3000 boys and girls and 80 teachers and also trained 44 men and women to ICC level one coaching. AC is proud to be involved with this project and in a country where there has been so much despair, it is wonderful to see that cricket has become a force for peace and gives real pride to the Afghan people.

How can AC operate effectively in Afghanistan? The charity works closely with the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA), an NGO that has been present in Afghanistan for 30 years and is deeply respected by the Afghan people. The SCA has never left despite all the years of conflict. As AC’s partners, they ensure that there is no corruption and that funds raised by AC are focused entirely on projects and are within budget. AC operates in Worsaj very much at the request of the local people – it is the community that has approached AC and the SCA for this support.

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Haller Foundation

The Haller Foundation is a specialist charity bringing economic security to poor small-holder farmers and their communities living on inhospitable land near Mombasa, Kenya. Since its set-up in 2004, the foundation’s goal has been to provide and promote a model for long-term, sustainable economic development helping thousands of Kenyans lift themselves out of poverty through five-year partnership plans.

Haller addresses communities’ basic needs through integrated programmes in water, farming, education, health, alternative energy and nano-enterprise. Haller’s community partnerships are not quick fixes, but offer long-term, life-skills training which empower farmers and their children to lead self-sufficient and sustainable lives.


Amref Health Africa is one of the leading health development organisations in Africa. Their vision is one of lasting health change across the continent. Their mission is to improve the health of women, men and children across Africa by connecting people to their public health system and strengthening that system so that it can meet their needs. In all its programmes, they partner with communities, civil society organisations, health practitioners, and the private and public sectors to establish a participatory health care system.

Headquartered in Nairobi, Amref Health Africa prides itself in creating African solutions for African problems. To do this, they work side-by-side with the people living in communities to build the knowledge, skills and means to transform their health.

Amref Health Africa UK is delivering more than 20 projects across 13 sub-Saharan countries – a step that is touching the lives of more than 700,000 people.


Orbis is an international charity that transforms lives by preventing and treating avoidable blindness and visual impairment. Orbis works in countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America training eye care teams, strengthening hospitals, screening for and treating eye diseases and educating local communities in eye health.

 Every year we send our remarkable volunteer ophthalmologists, anaesthetists, nurses and bio-medical engineers from around the globe to train local eye health professionals and perform sight-saving surgery. Training takes place both onboard the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital, a very unique teaching facility, and in partnership with local hospitals.

Orbis has positively impacted the lives of children, women and men globally by screening for eye conditions, conducting eye surgeries, increasing access to eye care and glasses, and distributing antibiotics. Their sight saving work has enabled millions of people to go back to school or work, reintegrate into their communities and live in a world that is full of possibilities. 


Little Rock was founded to ensure children from Kibera, Kenya are not disadvantaged by the time they enrol in primary education. Little Rock has 240 children under eight years old attending its Early Childhood Programme. Approximately a third of the children who attend are disabled. Little Rock is dedicated to creating an inclusive and empowering educational environment, where all children work and play together. Little Rock graduates go on to excel in their primary education; the vast majority of them are ranked at the top of their class.

Kibera is located in Nairobi, Kenya and with an estimated population of one million people is one of Africa's largest slums. Little Rock is the only officially recognised Inclusive Early Childhood Development Centre within Kibera. Most children and families in Kibera live in poverty, often exacerbated by disability, HIV/AIDS and high mortality rates. Families typically do not have the resources to provide their children with an early education and although primary education is free in Kenya, most children from Kibera do not develop the basic skills necessary to succeed in this environment


Beanstalk is a UK national literacy charity which recruits, trains and supports volunteers to work in primary schools with children who have fallen behind with their reading. According to recent figures, 70,700 children left primary school in 2012 unable to read. Each week, 10 volunteers from across Euromoney visit the New North Academy in Islington. This is a large primary school in a catchment area with the highest 2% of deprivation in the country, and with a high proportion of pupils who speak English as a second language.

All volunteers give one lunchtime each week, during term time, to visit the school and read with two children, pairing with another volunteer, so that each child receives an hour a week one-to-one reading practice. Training is provided and the teachers nominate the children they feel would benefit most from the one to one learning.

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