Case studies

We focus our fundraising and charitable support on a small number of projects where we feel we can make a real difference. Working with charitable partners we support projects that are making life-changing differences to disadvantaged people. Here are some of our projects.

Eradicating Trachoma in South Omo, Ethiopia

In conjunction with AMREF & ORBIS

Trachoma is a chronic, contagious inflammatory eye disease which can lead to blindness resulting from a lack of clean water and sanitation. It is endemic in Ethiopia with an estimated nine million children aged under 10 having the infection. This project, jointly run by AMREF and ORBIS, aims to improve the water and sanitation facilities for 230,000 people within the South Omo community. It will improve the primary eye-care services for 644,000 people, treat over 550,000 people suffering from trachoma with antibiotics, surgically treat 13,000 adult sufferers of trachoma and train 16 eye care workers and 600 teachers to identify trachoma symptoms. 

Clean Water & Sanitation in Kechene, Ethiopia

In conjunction with AMREF

Kechene, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is the largest urban slum in Ethiopia and home to nearly 35,000 people living in cramped and unsanitary conditions. A lack of access to clean water, coupled with almost non-existent sanitation facilities, has increased the spread of diseases such as cholera, typhoid and childhood diarrhoea which is one of the leading causes of death in children. Euromoney has funded projects to provide clean water and sanitation facilities for the disadvantaged community of Kechene. With Euromoney’s support, AMREF is connecting two new water springs, constructing water storage facilities, shower rooms, water points and sanitation kiosks. The project will ultimately benefit 19,000 people in Kechene. 

Little Rock School in Kiberia, Nairobi

In conjunction with AbleChildAfrica

In 2011, AbleChildAfrica and Euromoney pulled together some of the biggest names in the banking industry to raise the money to construct a new building for Little Rock Early Education Centre which is now open. Little Rock aims to provide inclusive education in a stimulating, innovative and safe environment and the new school building is all of these things. The challenge now is ensuring that other local schools where the Little Rock graduates go on to are replicating the inclusivity.

Euromoney and AbleChildAfrica are proud of their part in shaping this centre that provides inclusive early education to the children of Kibera. Located in Nairobi, Kibera has an estimated population of one million people and is one of Africa’s largest slums. Land was purchased and construction of new premises for the Little Rock School was completed in February 2013, funded by Euromoney charity donations. Little Rock now has up-to-date facilities for over 500 pupils, 16 classrooms, a new computer room, a physiotherapy room and kitchens. Funding is now needed to help with the ongoing costs of the school and ensure the sustainability and long-lasting success of the school.

Water Wells and Dams in Mombasa, Kenya

In conjunction with the Haller Foundation

Euromoney has successfully funded a water well project for the Kimbunga and Mitsemerene communities near Mombasa. This has given 1,800 local residents access to supplies of reliable clean water throughout the year - even in times of extreme drought. It also now affords them the opportunity to grow vegetables and crops for themselves and ultimately to sell produce to other communities. One of the key benefits of this project has meant that families no longer have to walk up to four hours a day to collect and pay for water from wells located outside their community. Euromoney continues to fund further water resources to include a rain-fed dam as well as providing farmer training for other communities in the North Kimbunga Valley.

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