When I started at EuroWeek in London, the global financial crisis was in its early stages although that wasn’t exactly apparent at the time. I was thrown into coverage of surging emerging market bond sales and later moved to focus on European banks as they struggled through the recession. Capital markets might seem a niche area, but they are closely linked to — indeed, at the heart of — some of the biggest global events.

Editor-in-chief, Latin Finance

I had studied journalism and had some experience in business reporting, but financial markets were new to me. From the first week I was covering deals and had a beat to make my own. At the start it certainly seemed more of a learning cliff, than a learning curve, but the team I worked with was incredibly supportive in helping me understand the market dynamics and improving my journalism skills. That on-the-job tutoring and support were backed up by structured training courses.

The job demanded hard work, initiative, and an ability to learn quickly. But the rewards on offer are great, and go beyond working in an intellectually stimulating role in a team that is committed to good journalism. The company also offers scope for increasing levels of responsibility and a chance to develop a broad range of skills, including some that you might not immediately think of when journalism comes to mind, such as public speaking. The global nature of the company also offers opportunities — one that I took up when I moved to the US in 2013 to work for another publication in the group, LatinFinance.

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