On graduating in 2012, I took the decision to join Euromoney as a Technical Business Analyst (BA). I spent the first couple of months working on internally facing projects learning to adapt my academic studies in a commercial environment.

Technical Business Analyst

This is not to say my learning stopped: the company was supportive of my studying for an ISEB Diploma in Business Analysis and provided training to allow my certification as a scrum master. I was keen to progress rapidly, and Euromoney’s decentralised approach facilitates this, with each division operating with a slightly different culture.

In 2013, I decided to join one of the areas which would maximise my exposure to senior executives and gain invaluable commercial experience. I was appointed second BA on a programme to build and roll out a platform to support our event businesses across our finance, commodities and energy titles. As I hoped, the daily exposure to members of our Executive Committee changed my commercial outlook and helped me grow in my role. The hard work paid off: in early 2014 when the lead BA moved on, I was successful in my pitch to take on the extra responsibility. In 2015 I became the principal BA on a back-office transformation programme for Euromoney’s events.

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