The financial world was in an exciting, if not tumultuous, state in 2008. I was a newly minted finance graduate looking for my first job in an environment where large investment banks were going broke and markets were tumbling. A once-in-a-generation economic crisis was a testing time to be entering the field.

Editor and Strategist, BCA Research

Luckily, I landed a starting analyst position with BCA Research, the most respected macroeconomic investment research firm in the world. Working at BCA means merging academia and practitioning to generate top-quality investment analysis and reports. It also entails being exposed every day to some of the sharpest minds in the industry, both within BCA and while interacting with clients. To top it off, the wide range of BCA’s research allows you to challenge yourself in new areas and to produce research on the markets you are most passionate about.

Nearly six years on and having been promoted within the research group, I have had the opportunity to cover everything from European equities to global asset allocation and foreign exchange markets. Crucially, my desire to remain a lifelong student of the finance profession and of markets is constantly satiated by working at BCA Research.

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