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We are committed to fostering and retaining an entrepreneurial culture that encourages our teams to think creatively and innovatively.

We empower our teams to exercise entrepreneurial flair and deliver the best for their businesses and their fast-moving markets.


Deputy Editor at Metal Bulletin

I joined Euromoney in February 2012 as deputy editor of Metal Bulletin, an online news and pricing service.

From day one, I was able to develop my knowledge of key non-ferrous metal markets. On top of reporting, I was tasked with helping manage other journalists, organising recruitment and giving our teams guidance on their articles and their work life. Over the past three years, I have helped improve Metal Bulletin’s offering. We have embraced modern developments by transitioning away from our 100-year tradition of print publishing to focus on an online portal, publishing up to 250 articles a week at all hours of the day, and offering over 900 market prices. And we are continuing to grow.

In a way that is unique to commodities journalism, our editorial teams not only report breaking news about markets and companies but also provide benchmark prices. I am responsible for pricing the $2 billion cobalt market as well as nickel premiums. These prices are widely used by the industry, making us a vital part of the markets, not just observers. Our business is dedicated to providing accurate, defendable prices based on actual spot market activity. This means we have to be close to the action, calling on traders, producers and consumers daily, and building relationships.

Since joining Metal Bulletin, I have built a large network of contacts from across the industry and, like the rest of my team, I have regularly broken market-moving news. In 2014, the Metal Bulletin team won an award for its scoop on the Qingdao warehouse scandal, a story which had far reaching effects on global markets and has reshaped the world of financing.

I have been lucky to travel within my role, spending time in Europe, North America and Asia. I visit contacts, their operations, conduct interviews, report from conferences, attend networking events, and work with colleagues in our international offices.

When I arrived at Metal Bulletin, I was pleased to see that Euromoney offered a wide variety of training courses for journalists, whether they are new to the industry or experienced in their fields. I have been able to take advantage of this and I am glad continually to be building my commodities knowledge, journalism skills and management practices.

Metal Bulletin has truly opened my eyes to the dynamic world of metal markets. The team is supportive, good humoured, professional and deeply committed to unearthing what is going on in the markets. It’s a pleasure to be part of it.


Sales Team Leader at Euromoney Learning Solutions

I have been working at Euromoney Learning Solutions for just over three years, and I am certain that I could not have found a more rewarding and challenging job.

Euromoney Learning Solutions provides training globally across the Finance, Energy, Legal, Government and Infrastructure sectors. I started out as an Account Manager covering the African markets, and was given a lot of responsibility from the start. My learning was hands on and I enjoyed being in the deep end from the start. After moving onto our Middle Eastern team in my second year I was made Sales Team Leader. This gave me first-hand experience of managing and leading a team as well and maintaining and building relationships with my clients in the Middle East.

We are encouraged to be entrepreneurial and one of the attractions of working for such a big company is the endless opportunities that exist within the company. My hard work paid off and I am now the Head of Public Sales for Euromoney Learning Solutions.

If you enjoy accountability, responsibility and have the determination to succeed in a sociable team, then Euromoney is certainly a perfect fit for you.


Research Manager at Metal Bulletin Research

I have been working in the research team at Metal Bulletin for two years and, as strange as it may sound, thinking and talking about metals all day, it’s a very exciting place to work.

We are a small and dynamic team so it is easy to settle in and find your feet although I love the fact we are also international with colleagues also in the USA and different parts of Asia all doing similar things. The work is varied – we cover a lot of metals – but we are always having to think about why things are happening and what’s going to happen next so everyone, experienced or new, gets to learn something different every day. I have been on a steep learning curve in the past couple of years, learning about different markets, from iron ore through finished steel and how they are connected. I enjoy working with people who share my enthusiasm and want to become gurus advising big or small clients with the best views and analysis, whether it is in our regular publications, special reports, presentations or over the telephone.

In a team-based business like ours it is important for everyone to get on. I really like the way it is set up, allowing me to work alongside teams in IT, sales and marketing, and journalism.


Head of Marketing Systems in Central Marketing.

Upon joining I was quickly treated as an expert in my field and was empowered by my manager and director to make important business decisions. This has not changed in the 15 years I’ve been at Euromoney.

I started out as Oracle Database Administrator, but very quickly assumed additional technological and managerial responsibilities. This constant evolvement of my role has managed to keep me interested and fulfilled for all the years I’ve been with the company. I’ve been fully responsible for data migrations, hardware/software migrations and global deployment of software, as well as managing dynamic teams and budgets.

One of my recent highlights was programme-managing the deployment of a new marketing system (Adobe Campaign) globally to over 150 users, as well as implementing a new marketing back-end system. This programme was successfully delivered on time and on budget. By rolling out Adobe Campaign, Euromoney has continued to stay ahead of its competitors, as it has done so with its predecessor EDEN (Euromoney’s Database of Every Name).

One of the greatest attributes of Euromoney is its people. I’ve been very lucky to work with brilliant, supportive and good humoured people who have not only been my work colleagues but also my friends.


Senior Operations Manager at International Telecoms Week and Mining Indaba

I started at the company in 2010 as a registration coordinator for one of Euromoney’s largest events, International Telecoms Week (ITW). This was my first corporate role, and to say I was daunted by the prospect of registering 6,000 people is an understatement. However, there was little need for me to be worried about as the team was so welcoming and quickly became not just my colleagues but also my friends.

Over the past five years I have been promoted, almost on an annual basis, and now I am a Senior Operations Manager. I now manage a team working across two business units – ITW and Mining Indaba (a recent acquisition which has taken over from ITW as Euromoney’s biggest annual event). 

The structure of Euromoney is such that there are always new and exciting opportunities within the company. I have been lucky enough to work across five different departments and have been part of some spectacular events, visiting some amazing places including Nay Pyi Taw, Cape Town, Chicago and Dubai. 

Being in the events industry is hard work and long hours but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I enjoy working in a creative environment where your opinion matters and if you have a good idea it will be nurtured and supported so your idea becomes a reality. 

If you are determined and willing to put in the effort, Euromoney is definitely a company within which you can grow; there is so much opportunity here – you just have to stand up and take it. 


Business Analyst in Central Finance

I started at Euromoney in May 2008 as a Senior Management Accountant looking after two sizable publication and events businesses. Within three years, I was promoted to a Business Analyst and given the responsibility of managing my own small team.

The exposure and experience an individual working in the Euromoney finance department obtains are invaluable.

My portfolio has changed a few times during the past few years. The rotation of businesses amongst the finance team provides the opportunity to observe different management styles and gain insight into the varied businesses owned by Euromoney.

I regularly liaise with senior management and provide analysis and information to be used in strategic decision-making. This combined with the full responsibility for a division’s management accounts puts you on the path to becoming a well-rounded professional.

During the last three years I have assisted with the financial due diligence on four acquisitions and was a member of the finance team that managed the subsequent integration of two of these business.

I have also had the opportunity to travel abroad, sometimes as part of the internal audit team steered by our holding company and also when conducting financial due diligence.

Euromoney values staff development as critical to improve efficiency and effectiveness as is evident by the various training courses on offer. Individuals still studying towards their CIMA or ACCA qualification also receive the added benefit of having their tuition and exams paid for in addition to paid study leave.

The level of development and exposure people can obtain at Euromoney is only limited by their hunger for knowledge.


Head of Technology for Telcap, Mining Indaba and Structured Retail Products

I joined the company in 2010 when Euromoney acquired the fintech start-up At the time, I was running the technology function and we were going through the third big iteration of our website. I had always worked in start-ups so I did not know what to expect from working for a public global corporation headquartered in the City.

From the beginning I was made to feel comfortable by meeting the directors who had organised welcome drinks for us to meet some Euromoney employees. I ended up talking about our tech operations and the new version of the site we were planning to release three months later. The integration ended up being seamless and we released our website on time and on budget.

Over the past two years the company has made its biggest investment in technology to accelerate the transition of the company’s brands to digital. As a part of the technology department reorganisation, I was promoted to Head of Technology of one of the group divisions.  

My role consists of advising the divisional director and senior management team on how technology can help grow their business, support their new product ideas, help them deliver the product in the most efficient way, benefit from the group investment in technology and facilitate the communication between the business and the different technology functions.

I love my job. I enjoy every minute and the challenges of it. I have travelled around the world and met many smart and friendly people. The technology challenges are different for each type of business but are all thrilling and challenge you to reinvent yourself, working with great people and new technologies.

I have also gone through technology due diligence for potential acquisitions and helped with the successful integration of an acquisition which created a completely new line of business for the group, Euromoney Indices. We are now weeks away from launching a completely new data product for another business.

I am looking forward to the next challenges that will help me grow further and I also look forward to working with smart, entrepreneurial people, sharing ideas and building successful businesses on smart technologies.

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