Investment approach

Euromoney has an outstanding record of shareholder value creation through corporate acquisitions. Around two thirds of the past 10 years’ growth has been achieved by acquiring businesses and growing them post-transaction.

Investor in Growth

The group's strategy is to deploy its strong balance sheet and superior cash generation to fund investments in, and buyouts of, innovative and market leading businesses in data and analytics, digital information, investment research as well as event businesses which can augment the portfolio and have the potential for cross-border expansion.

Partnering with Euromoney

Euromoney combines the strengths of a private equity style investor (financial discipline, accountability, management rewards) with those of a strategic operator of businesses (market access and customer insight, established platforms, strategic and commercial synergies). A significant competitive advantage is the access to capital provided by shareholders with a long-term outlook, flexible investment structures (often based on staged acquisitions and/or earn-outs), a highly decentralised and sector-focused operating model, and a management incentivisation philosophy that rewards growth, profit generation and long-term value creation.

This approach makes Euromoney a suitable home for business owners seeking to partner with a larger platform to realise the full potential of their company or for ambitious executives looking to build shadow equity through innovation, entrepreneurial drive and management skill.

Investment Criteria

Euromoney applies tightly defined strategic and financial investment criteria that aim to produce total shareholder returns (TSR) in excess of 15% per year and track the continuous evolution of business models in digital B2B information and media.

Euromoney favours businesses with the following characteristics:

  • Market-leading brands, a digital-proof products or digital disruptors
  • Workflow tools and content-led products based on proprietary data or unique intellectual property
  • Paid-for content with pricing models relying on premium subscriptions, sponsorship or delegate revenues
  • A low dependency on advertising revenues
  • English language and cross-border potential
  • High operating leverage and potential to achieve profit margins in excess of 25%
  • The continuing involvement of the founding entrepreneurs or management team post-acquisition

Euromoney is primarily focused on the finance, metals and commodities sectors. However, it also serves the telecoms, legal and insurance markets. We look out for opportunities to build scale in those verticals or to enter new sectors in a substantial and sustainable way.

Past acquisitions and investments

  • September 2015 Zanbato (10% investment), Mountain View, California
  • July 2015 Estimize (10% investment), New York
  • December 2014 Dealogic (15.5% investment), London
  • July 2014 Mining INDABA, New York
  • October 2013 Infrastructure Journal, London
  • April 2013 Centre for Investor Education, Melbourne
  • April 2013 Quantitative Techniques, Edinburgh
  • March 2013 Insider Publishing Limited, London
  • January 2013 TTI/Vanguard, Santa Monica, California
  • February 2012 Global Grain, Geneva
  • August 2011 Ned Davis Research Group, Venice, Florida
  • August 2010 Arete Consulting Limited, London
  • October 2006 Total Derivatives Limited, London
  • October 2006 Metal Bulletin plc, London
  • September 2005 TelCap Limited, London
  • March 2005 CEIC Data, Hong Kong
  • January 2004 Information Management Network, New York
  • August 2003 HedgeFund Intelligence Limited, London
  • September 2001 Gulf Publishing Company, Houston, Texas
  • January 1999 Internet Securities, Inc. (ISI), Boston, Massachusetts
  • August 1997 Institutional Investor, Inc., New York
  • May 1997 The Petroleum Economist Limited, London

Further information

To find out more about our businesses please contact Alfonso Marone, Chief Development Officer:

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