Group strategy

The group's strategy is actively to manage a portfolio of businesses in asset management and other sectors where information, data and convening market participants are valued. Euromoney delivers products and services that support their clients’ critical activities.

Euromoney is rigorous in its allocation of capital in line with the following quadrants.

This leads to three pillars of strategic activity:

  1. Investing around big themes such as the information and services to support the asset management industry, price discovery and others.
  2. Ensuring an effective operating model that marries the best of the company’s entrepreneurial culture (closeness to customers, passion for brands, knowledge of products and accountability for revenue and profit) with, for example, modern marketing techniques, group-wide talent management, seeking economies of, and opportunities from, scale and adopting a strategic approach to developing each business.
  3. Actively managing the portfolio, disinvesting in businesses where the market is weak and the business model structurally challenged and investing where the businesses are structurally strong and there are market tailwinds.

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