Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC

An international business-to-business information company focusing on the global financial community.

  • Information

    The Euromoney group provides an extensive portfolio of financial and business information, investment research and macroeconomic data, delivered largely in digital format on a yearly subscription basis.

  • Conferences &

    Alongside our information products, we run a large number of must-attend conferences and seminars and by-invitation investment forums, held annually across all continents.

  • Learning

    Euromoney's training division runs a comprehensive portfolio of banking, finance, energy and legal courses, both public and in-house, under the Euromoney Learning Solutions brand. Courses are run all over the world for financial institutions, professional firms, corporates and government.

Our portfolio

Euromoney's products are primarily focused on asset management, capital markets and commodities.

International reach

Born in 1969 Euromoney now spans the globe with over 2300 staff. Our headquarters are in the City of London and we have main offices in New York, Montreal and Hong Kong. Around a third of our revenues are derived from emerging markets.

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A proven history

Our portfolio of businesses includes many market leaders and counts some of the oldest and most iconic media brands for the industries they cover.

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Providing insight and analysis since 1969

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Over 50 different brands

Euromoney is a leading international business-to-business media group providing online and print information across over 50 specialist profit centres. We manage some of the oldest and most widely respected brands in our sectors.

  • Euromoney
  • Institutional Investor
  • Global capital
  • Euromoney Learning Solutions
  • BCA Research
  • Ned Davis Research Group
  • CEIC
  • Metal bulletin
  • Information Management Network
  • American metal market
  • Capacity intelligence
  • EMIS

£403m Revenue 2015

Year on year growth

Euromoney combines the strengths of a private equity style investor (financial discipline, accountability, management rewards) with those of a strategic operator of businesses (market access and customer insight, established platforms, strategic and commercial synergies).

2,300 Employees

Investing in employee development

Our employees are integral in maintaining our reputation for producing industry-leading products and we are committed to developing our teams and individuals to achieve excellent results.

Euromoney has an advantage when it comes to the training and development of its employees as it owns a highly accredited training business, Euromoney Learning Solutions.

Our graduate programme

A graduate job at Euromoney will get you off to a flying start in a successful career in international media. Many of our graduate roles offer the opportunity to travel internationally and some the chance to relocate to work on assignments overseas.


Euromoney is a public company listed on the London Stock Exchange and operated by an experienced executive team

  • Andrew Rashbass

    Andrew Rashbass

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Christopher Fordham

    Christopher Fordham

    Managing director

Profitable & Sustainable

Our management teams use the global platforms, expertise and financial resources of the group to produce some of the world’s leading publications, information products and events within our chosen sectors. We are committed to fostering and retaining an entrepreneurial culture through incentive systems directly linked to shareholder value creation.

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Company History

1969 Euromoney Founded

Euromoney is founded by Sir Patrick Sergeant as a business-to-business magazine focused on the international capital markets.

1986 Listed on Luxembourg Stock Exchange

Euromoney is first listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange as Euromoney Publications PLC.

1990 Listed on London Stock Exchange

Euromoney is listed on the London Stock Exchange as Euromoney Publications PLC.

1997 Euromoney acquires Institutional Investor

Institutional Investor is the leading international business-to-business publisher focused primarily on international asset management.

Institutional Investor

1999 Euromoney acquires EMIS (formerly known as ISI Emerging Markets)

EMIS provides hard-to-get information covering more than 100 emerging markets.


2006 Euromoney acquires Metal Bulletin plc

Metal Bulletin is a leading supplier of key commodity prices, market information, news and research for an international client base.

Metal Bulletin, steel and metal intelligence without limits

2006 Euromoney acquires BCA Research

BCA Research is a leading independent provider of international investment research.

BCA Research

2015 Headquarters move

Euromoney moves its London headquarters to Bouverie Street in the City of London.

Bouverie Street reception

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